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Generic Technology provide services in software applications, extensively used in different kind of business process. Our professional helps in creating interactive Websites and Software Applications, Multimedia Presentations by latest technology. We realize that your business must keep pace with the speed of thought, and we believe that your ideas and enterprises deserve substantial reinvention. We address these changing needs of your business with solutions that are not only cost-effective but also fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable. Generic sure we will have a strong and long relationship with in our customer.

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generic technology

World-class talent and proven development processes allow us to deliver advanced technology solutions at a great value. The applications produced on behalf of its customers combine the best of both custom and off-the-shelf software. This affords our clients the opportunity to build "custom" and implement "standard". The total cost of ownership for software created in this manner is reduced, while functionality and maintainability are enhanced. We are a young team having excellent educational background coupled with their valuable experience with leading software companies gives its technical strength.


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Our products unlimited solutions to all your business needs. in the installation package we prepare training support, we provide technical support services.

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GenericChit software Features are perfectly match the business requirements.Online access to members or subscribers, Integrate with your existing website.Manage multiple branches from one location to any location.

1) Comprehensive Modules Chit Fund Software

2) Real Time Dashboards

3) Online / Offline Chit Virutal Auctions

4) UPI Id Online Chit Transactions

5) Mobile Apps For Admin, Collector and Customer Panel

6) Integrations For SMS and Terminal Machine

7) 200+ Business Repots, All Reports are Exports Options

  • World Wide Access

    Generic software globally can access from world wide .

  • Desktop Application

    Generic software provide offline softwares .

  • Cost Effective

    Generic provide cost effective & Best softwares.

  • Easy to Customize

    Generic software can customize for customer requirments.

  • Android Mobile Apps

    Generic Apps is anywhere location access & make bills also.

  • Cloud Based software

    Generic provide cloud based softwares for our customers.

  • Highly Secure

    Generic software are highly productive, Reliable, secure softwares & databases.

  • Terminal Machine Collection Integration

    Generic software simplify the work for our customers.

Chit Fund Software Types and Facilities

Open Auction Model

Genericchit Open-Auction model is conducted the auction in every month in company, chit Subscriber asking the higher bid amount. Each and Every month Foreman conducting the auction, All the eligible chit subscribers can participate the open-auction meeting in chit company. Here chit subscriber who is asking higher bid amount, that Subscriber is Successful bitter of that month in chit group. Read More



Fixed Chart Model

Fixed chit model chit company have chart for each chit group, that chart have a each and every month Due Amount, Dividend , Bid Amount, Discount, Prized Amount of every months. Based on the chart chit subscribers can pay the due amount each months. Chit subscriber can get the prized money for as per wish any months. prized money will be provided to more than one customers at same month and same group. here prized money will provided to chit subscribers after discussed with chit company foreman. most of the chit subscribers can get prized money their expected month, in some rare case will not pay to the prized money. the reason is lot of chit Subscribers will not provide the chit prized money in single month. Based on the Fixed chit rules can provide to prized money to chit subscribers. here group initial month chit subscribe take prized money bid amount definitely maximum amount will reduced in the chit group. At the end of the month subscriber will be get full chit fund prized money only deducted company commission. Read More

Percentage Chit Fund Software

we can split the single ticket into more than one ticket based on percentage. for example ( 1 ticket 100% = 2 ticket (50% + 50%) , here we split single ticket into two tickets . Here split ticket bid amount, dividend, prized amount, Due amount every thing is allocated based on percentage. Chit company have manage the chit subscriber based on percentage, here low level earning customer to high level earning customer are combined together and running the single chit group. Chit company can combine the group chit subscriber in a simple way with out any risk. A small level chit company are conducted the this type of chit fund formats. here chit company are conducted the as usual auction, bidding, minutes, token systems, agent commission, Percentage based model only the difference between the normal chit fund groups. this chit fund model are getting full credits to only chit company. easy to organize the chit subscribers with out any chit group dummy tickets. Read More



Integration Facilities

Today world's software has go to trending technology, Genericchit also developed the chit fund software in today's trending technology. It will help you digitalize your chit fund business as well as. It features are much more fit for your chit fund business. The system can be deployed on-premises and on the cloud to automate your chit fund operations and manage them efficiency. Genericchit chit fund software is right choice to start managing your business and handling all chit fund requirements in one place. Right from chit fund calculation to collections our chit fund software makes everything easy for your business. Genericchit chit fund software integrations are bulk sms integrations, terminal machine collection integration, android mobile app integrations, and payment gateway integrations also. Genericchit integrations facilities are improve your chit company qualities. Software are integrate the Bulk SMS for simply reach to chit fund subscribers, Bulk sms are notified the unpaid subscriber list through send the customer register mobile number about the arrear value amount. hand held machine for collection, Mobile app for admin and chit fund subscribers. Payment gateway integration for pay chit fund group due amount. Android app integration for monitoring the collector. Tally integration for accounts year end auditing purpose. Android app blue tooth integration for printing device and sharing files and receipt purpose. All the integration will make the simply your chit fund business, Management will taking any type of report with in minute, Accuracy of the reports will creating the company good will in your business area. Genericchit chit fund software is all in one digital platform that manages your chit fund business so that you can focus on growing it. Genericchit software is simple and secure software enables you to run your entire chit fund business in a smart and simple manner across PC, laptop, Tablets and mobiles. Our products unlimited solution to all your business needs. Helps you to accurately maintain a complete report of our chit fund software. Experience the power of a comprehensive view for efficient business management. Take your business to the skies with our chit fund business intelligence software. Read More

Andorid Mobile Application Support

Genericchit Software online working from high configured cloud server. Cloud Server performance are 100 percentage uptime guaranteed. we can handle multiple branch in single location. Branch user can possible to use different types devices and can access from anywhere. Genericchit Android apps have two model. one is admin panel another one is customer panel, admin panel have option like to collect the due from customers. admin can check all the collectors collection details, admin should identify collector where collecting the due amount. Genericchit Customer panel should check their chit fund subscribers details. Subscribers can pay chit fund group due amount using UPI Address through Google pay. UPI address payment are more secure and efficient technology, Genericchit Chit Fund Subscribers can do all the transaction payment, prized money collection without any direct interaction with chit fund company.Read More



Payment Gateway Integration

If chit subscriber left their due balance, no worry about the due balance. Genericchit chit fund software intimate the due reminder information via send SMS, Email, Whats app, Intimation Letter, Post, and etc... Genericchit chit fund software easy to collect the payment in chit subscriber, collector goes to customer location collect money from chit subscribers, make the due entries, and generate the receipt also. This due information s are automatically update in server with immediately. Genericchit chit fund software mobile apps are easy to collect money from chit subscriber, If chit company integrate the payment gateway options customer directly pay their due amount online, through genericchit mobile apps. Chit subscriber login their details, and chit fund software can show the customer arrear details, payment details, paid details , and next due installment details also. Chit subscribers select the installment and paid the amount also. This payment amount are automatically credit chit company registered bank account. Genericchit chit funds software payment gateway option will help of chit companies and their collections. Read More

Online Chit Bidding Auction

Online auction is new era in chit fund industry, Genericchit allow to online auction in our customers. Online auctions are easy to guide , in this chat is user friendly. Chit company before intimate the auction details( auction date, time) in chit subscribers. Chit subscribers join the online auction from their home or any other places. Customers are join the online auction in particular date and time. That online auction link will be open in particular time, Chit subscriber bid their amount, conduct the auction all details are gather in a places. Online auction is best way for conduct auctions, all customer are not possible to join the auctions, some chit subscriber are office , many customer are chore work . But chit company conduct auction for online, it is easy for join the subscriber to auctions. Chit subscriber join the auction and asking their did money for their chit group and tickets. It is easiest way of chit company and chit subscribers. Online auction is simplify the auction entries, and no maintain records are manually, It is manage full details are maintain online. Online auction is save time and money for chit companies and customers. In this facilities are reduced the manual work, manpower work and human errors. Genericchit chit fund software is a multitasking, versatile, and flexible process, many chit fund owners have been benefited from the usage of chit fund software. Similarly, it is associated with a mobile application that will make all the chit fund activities at your fingertips We completely focus on customer requirements and satisfactions.Read More



Whatsapp Sharing Bulk Messages with Free of Cost GenericChit

Genericchit software has provide bulk WhatsApp message with free of cost. Bulk message have a 4 type 1) Receipt message, 2) Outstanding Arrear Message, 3) Auction information Message, 4) Intimation message to all Customers 5) Chit Occasion Message. 1) Genericchit Receipt Message Chit Subscribers can pay the due amount on particular period of time, After paying due amount chit fund company can send receipt message to chit fund subscribers mobile. This message is important proof of paid amount. These message all are going through the WhatsApp. 2) Genericchit Outstanding Message. Chit fund subscribers has not paying due amount at the particular period of time. that type subscribers have a chit due pending amount. Chit Subscribers Outstaring details monthly once informed to every customers using WhatsApp message. 3) Genericchit Auction Message, Each and every month before the chit group auction, Chit Fund Company can intimated the message to all group members. Chit fund subscribers are participate the particular meeting on the time. 4) Genericchit Intimation Message, A new group staring information can send chit fund company to all chit fund subscribers. if Subscribers have interest simply going to join that chit fund group, this is a easy to convey all subscribers. 5) Genericchit Occasion message Chit fund company sending message to all subscribers message like birthday, marriage, Deepavali, Pongal, Ramzan, Christmas and etc. all function. Read More

Android Personal Digital Assistance

Android PDA Collection purpose for used chit fund company, PDA Machine have a Attached printer, we can make directly print with out any blue tooth device connection. We don't want to maintain separate battery for android mobile and printer machine (Like blue tooth android device ), PDA Machine have all the facility, we can open Google play store and install our genericchit fund mobile app. Collector can check chit fund subscribers group details, and make receipt on the customer location. PDA Android machine will display chit fund subscribers Paid details, pending details, Chit prized money details. All receipt details are stored in server, Admin can check the collection details of chit fund company from any location, Genericchit fund mobile app have Google map location finder option, Location finder can display the collector which location are gone and collect the amount with time wise on the whole day. The new trending technology is give a more facility to chit fund companyRead More



Chit Subscribers Management System

Chit Subscribers are enrolled the name in group, Foreman conduct the auction every month, after conducting the auction information are shared to chit subscribers, Chit group bid amount, Installment Amount, Dividend Amount and prized money shared to chit subscribers through Bulk SMS or Bulk What's up, Subscribers are paying the amount to chit company office, after that Chit group Paid details, Pending Details, Prized money details are shared to chit subscribers, This type function are happened up to end of the groups, Chit Subscribers are enrolled more than one group in same chit company, Genericchit Software can able track Subscribers record of particular group, that group ledger information shared to subscribers, if subscribers are need entire history of company, Genericchit provide all groups transaction records, that record is chit subscribers ledgers., Genericchit is a well designed chit fund software that enables business to record, track and collect payments easily. Not only does it reduce costs and increase efficiency of chit funds but it even simplifies and streamlines accounting. No matter the business operations are being carried out through office or any other place, the convenient accessibility helps chit funds to functions with a single click. Attain control over business by using Genericchit for accounting functions. Genericchit software features are perfectly match your requirements , and reduces operator workload, no more time in front of screen, you have spend more time in your customers. Read More

Employee Management System Genericchit

Genericchit chit fund software not only manage chit funds it include chit related all management systems. Genericchit manage customer management, chit group management, auction , payments, expenses management and employee management also. Genericchit chit fund software can manage employee management effectively. It includes the staff full details, (like that name, address, phone no, email, DOB, qualification, experience, designation, referral person, address etc..) are store in cloud based genericchit software. You are any time check the staff details. Genericchit attendance system can generate the details automatically you are give the present or absent , full day or half day details only . Other wise employee id , name, all details automatically fetch the genericchit software. Genericchit employee management system can automatically calculate the salary, just you are select the employee id only, you can get the all details are automatically comes in software. like that employee no of working days, present days, absent days, basic salary, PF details, incentive, allowance and everything are calculated. Genericchit chit fund software always helpful for chit companies, and their management systems. Genericchit chit fund software have 99% customer retention and 100% customer satisfactions. Read More



Graph Wise Report In GenericChit Software

100+ chit fund business owners are benefiting our chit fund software. It is simple, easy to use, user friendly software. Genericchit chit fund software reduced overload work burden, simplify your chit process. Genericchit chit fund software pack comes with 300+ business reports, in this reports are analysis your business information, and get correct decision take at a right time. Genericchit chit fund software reports are convert able to PDF, Word, Excel also. It is fulfill your unique requirements, and reduced the in front of the screen , you can spend more time for in your customers. Genericchit chit fund software gives you to access online as well as offline, and mobile application. Data are the backbone of genericchit which has multi level of access control . Your data is secure with us. Genericchit chit fund software with 100% flexibility to adapt your customized chit fund requirements. Read More


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