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Online Auction Facilities In Genericchit Chit Fund Software


Genericchit chit fund software is cloud based online, you can access anywhere places and any devices. It is easy to use, user friendly software. Genericchit features are perfectly match your needs.

Online auction is new era in chit fund industry, Genericchit allow to online auction in our customers. Online auctions are easy to guide , in this chat is user friendly. Chit company before intimate the auction details( auction date, time) in chit subscribers.

Chit subscribers join the online auction from their home or any other places. Customers are join the online auction in particular date and time.  That online auction link will be open in particular time,  Chit subscriber bid their amount, conduct the auction all details are gather in a places.

Online auction is best way for conduct auctions, all customer are not possible to join the  auctions, some chit subscriber are office , many customer are chore work . But chit company conduct auction for online, it is easy for join the subscriber to auctions. 

Chit subscriber join the auction and asking their did money for their chit group and tickets. It is easiest way of chit company and chit subscribers. 

Online auction is simplify the auction entries, and no maintain records are manually, It is manage full details are maintain online. 

Online auction is save time and money for chit companies and customers. In this facilities are reduced the manual work, manpower work and human errors. 

Genericchit chit fund software is a multitasking, versatile, and flexible process, many chit fund owners have been benefited from the usage of chit fund software. 

Similarly, it is associated with a mobile application that will make all the chit fund activities at your fingertips

We completely focus on customer requirements and satisfactions.


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