Features & Overviews

Generic software Features are perfectly match the business requirements.Online access to members or subscribers, Integrate with your existing website.Manage multiple branches from one location to any location.

chit fund management software

Windows (offline) Application

Genericchit chit fund software works offline without internet connections. If you want connect more system for billing purpose. It has all features and reports also.

chit fund management software


Genericchit online chit fund software world wide working. You can access any time, any where, any places and any devices access the software. It connect multiple branches in a single places.

chit fund management software

Mobile Application

Genericchit chit fund mobile apps are simplify your collection process, and reduced operator work load. Chit subscriber can view our profile details, arrears, payments, receipt, and next due information also. Customer pay their due amount through genericchit mobile apps.

chit fund management software

Online Auction

Online Auction is a new era in chit fund industry. Chit Company directly conducts the auction some of people only coming but, online auction all members are join the auction from their home or anywhere places. These facilities are very helpful in chit companies and chit subscribers.

chit fund management software

Payment Reminder

If chit subscriber left their due balance don’t worry about it. Genericchit payment reminder will help of intimate the due information before the due date in customer . Genericchit This payment reminder will send via SMS, Email, Whats app, Phone, Intimation Letter etc..

chit fund management software

Accounts (Voucher Entry)

Chit Company day to day all activities are update in software. Your daily expenses, vouchers, income, and all accounts related information are fully add in software. Separately accounting software is not necessary. And Separately accounting entries person no need.

chit fund management software

SMS Integration

SMS notification will help of your chit fund business.It is four different types of working. Genericchit gives arrear sms,payment sms, auction sms, wishes sms and much more.

chit fund management software

Terminal Machine Collection Integration

Chit company area wise split the chit subscriber, collector goes to any area that area customer arrear list download the machine collect money from customer, make the due entries and generate the bill also. This due entries are automatically update server with immediately.

chit fund management software

Mobile Apps Collection Integration

Genericchit mobile apps three types of working. Admin, Collector, Customer. Admin user can control all user details. Collector goes to customer location collect due amount, make entries & bills

chit fund management software

Paperless Bills

Genericchit introduce the paperless bills, chit collector collect money from customers, in subscriber place generate bills, share the receipt for via SMS, Email, Whats app, PDF, and near by blue tooth devices share the bills. In this paperless bills are new trending technology.

chit fund management software

Staff / Employee Management

Chit companies add the staff profile information with photo, attendance, salary calculation, allowance and everything you can give about the staff and calcualtions.

chit fund management software

300+ Business Reports

Genericchit chit fund software pack comes with 300+ business reports, in this reports where you can spend, where you can not spend analysis your chit fund business. Reports are convertible to PDF,WORD, EXCEL also. Genericchit have chit fund + accounts reports.


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