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         Genericchit Software are used well designed and updated modern Technology, Cloud SAAS Model are utilized for daily usage of client, Server performance are 100% uptime guaranteed,  any type of high demand situation system will perform the better way,  System can control the duplicate error, Reports are well designed as per the client requirements.

    Online Genericchit Software  Step by Step working model

1) Chit Subscribers Enrollment
2) Group Creation,
3) Group Member Allocation,
4) Advance amount Collection,
5) Auction Generation,
6) Monthly Due amount Receipt Generation,
7) Auction Payment - Prized money Generation,
8) Ticket Cancel ,
9) Refund Process,
10) Ticket Rejoin,
11) Ticket Suspense Account Maintenance,

1) Chit Subscribers Enrollment

          Chit Subscribers are joint the chit company directly to office or any one of through agent. Chit Subscribers providing Details of (ID  Proof, Address Proof, Passport size photo copy and Bio Data of Chit Subscriber).

     Chit company can provide one ledger number to chit subscriber, that ledger using can get through out whole transaction of all chit group. like - Cash transaction, Cheque Transaction, Adjustment amount, Auction Details, Prized money details, Refund Details, Ticket cancel, ticket Rejoin, Commission Amount details. Advance amount Details. 

     Chit Subscribers information can always keep system , Can not remove information at any point of time. we can only update information of chit subscriber.

2) Group Creation

        Chit Company can create name as per their wish, Group details they are provide to particular field, like Name, PSO No, Chit Agreement No, Starting Date, Group Value, Group Month, First Installment, Company commission, Max bid, Min bid, Agent Commission and Fixed Deposit Details.

3) Group Member Allocation.

          Admin Can allocate Chit Group members one by one in genericchit software  admin can set the Agent and collector details of each chit subscribers. 

If company have percentage based ticket, Here admin can set the percentage value, based upon the percentage value, Genericchit Software system can generate the bid amount, dividend amount, prized money amount, discount amount, company commission amount.

4) Auction Generation

          Genericchit software can automate the auction calculation, Select the chit group auction number will be come automatically in the software.

      chit group bid amount only admin can feed and the click calculate button, Genericchit system automatically generate the foreman commission amount,  Discount amount, Dividend amount, Next Due Installment amount, Prized money amount of auctioned chit subscriber.

   admin finally can store the auction information to server, after auction generated receipt section can enable the group auctioned month due amount.

5) Receipt Generation.

      Two type search option
   1)  Ticket no based search
   2)  Name based search
   1) Ticket No based Search

            Admin can select group and then ticket no, System will show the details of chit subscribers due amount. 

  Type of Due Receipt Generation.

   1) Single Due receipt generation.
   2) Multiple Due receipt generation
   3) partial Due receipt generation.  

    After that admin can select the payment mode

   Type of payment mode

  1) Cash 
 2) Cheque
 3) Daily advance Adjustment
 4) Agent Commission Adjustment
 5) Prized Money Adjustment
 6) Any Other Adjustment

   After made receipt, Chit subscribers will get the SMS or What's Up Receipt Message,  if customer need, they can get receipt printed copy from chit company, 



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