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Chit Subscribers Management Genericchit Chit Fund Software


We completely focus on customer requirements and customer satisfactions , Our chit fund software is very user-friendly. Also all type of reports required for accounting is available in this software. And we are having dedicated customer care team to give online training and to help with support. 

Genericchit chit fund software manage the customer management, chit group management,  auctions, payments, arrears, accounts management and employee management also.  

Chit Subscribers are enrolled the name in group, Foreman conduct the auction every month, after conducting the auction information are shared to chit subscribers, Chit group bid amount, Installment Amount, Dividend Amount  and prized money shared to chit subscribers through Bulk SMS or Bulk What's up,

  Subscribers are paying the amount to chit company office, after that Chit group Paid details, Pending Details,  Prized money details are shared to chit subscribers, 

  This type function are happened up to end of the groups, Chit Subscribers are enrolled more than one group in same chit company, 

 Genericchit Software can able track Subscribers record of particular group, that group ledger information shared to subscribers,

  if subscribers are need entire history of company, Genericchit provide all groups transaction records, that record is chit subscribers ledgers., 

Genericchit is a well designed chit fund software that enables business to record, track and collect payments easily. Not only does it reduce costs and increase efficiency of chit funds but it even simplifies and streamlines accounting. 

No matter the business operations are being carried out through office or any other place, the convenient accessibility helps chit funds to functions with a single click. Attain control over business by using Genericchit for accounting functions. 

Genericchit software features are perfectly  match your requirements , and reduces operator workload, no more time in front of screen, you have spend more time in your customers.


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