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Whatsapp Sharing Bulk Messages with Free of Cost GenericChit


 Genericchit software has provide bulk WhatsApp message with free of cost. Bulk message have a 4 type 1) Receipt message, 2) Outstanding Arrear Message, 3) Auction information Message, 4) Intimation message to all Customers 5) Chit Occasion  Message.

   1) Genericchit Receipt Message

         Chit Subscribers can pay the due amount on particular period of time, After paying due amount chit fund company can send receipt message to chit fund subscribers mobile. This message is important proof of paid amount. These message all are going through the WhatsApp.

  2) Genericchit Outstanding Message.

            Chit fund subscribers has not paying due amount at the particular period of time. that type subscribers have a chit due pending amount. Chit Subscribers Outstaring details monthly once informed to every customers using WhatsApp message.

    3) Genericchit Auction Message,

                Each and every month before the chit group auction, Chit Fund Company can intimated the message to all group members. Chit fund subscribers are participate the particular meeting on the time.

     4) Genericchit Intimation Message, 

           A new group staring information can send chit fund company to all chit fund subscribers. if Subscribers have interest simply going to join that chit fund group, this is a easy to convey message.to all subscribers.

        5) Genericchit Occasion message

                      Chit fund company sending message to all subscribers  message like birthday, marriage, Deepavali, Pongal, Ramzan, Christmas and etc. all function.

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