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3D Graph Wise Reports Option In GenericChit Software


Genericchit chit fund software packs comes with 300+ business reports, In this reports are showing your chit business performance better. It is cloud based online , you can check your data’s and reports see anytime and anywhere. 

Genericchit software reports are having printable options, you can convert the reports for PDF, WORD, EXCEL also. Genericchit software reports are showing your business status and analysis your chit business. In this reports are reduced your manual work, manpower work and human errors. 

Our chit fund software user friendly design with powerful features that anyone can use without any prior experience.  Genericchit reports having all features reports like that customer wise full details, members wise statement, chit group info, accounts, Day book, Cash book, Bank book, Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss A/C,, etc..  100+ business owners are benefiting our highly efficient and secure chit fund software. 

Genericchit software reports fulfil your chit requirements and satisfactions.  Experience world class support into our customers. Genericchit software team is always happy to guide you.


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