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Genericchit Chit Fund Software Mobile Application Features


Genericchit chit fund software mobile apps are cloud based online, you are access anytime, anywhere, any places access it without any constraints .  It is world wide working. Genericchit mobile apps are simplify your chit fund collection process, and reduced the collector workload.

 It is helpful for chit companies and their collections. It is fully automated no manual calculations. 

Genericchit chit fund software mobile apps are 3 different types of working. Admin panel,  Collector panel, Customer panel.

1) Admin Panel:

                Admin members are can control the all user mobile apps and generate the user privilege options. You can see the details anywhere.

2) Collector Panel:

                     Chit company collector login their details collection customer name list are automate showing. collector goes to customer location, make the due entries and generate the receipt also. This receipt information are automatically update in server. 

Chit collector share the receipt for customer via what s app, email, paper bill , sms, or near by any blue tooth devices.  Genericchit advance receipt sharing options are will improve the chit company images among the chit subscribers.

3) Customer Panel:

                     Chit subscriber login their detail through genericchit mobile apps, customers are showing customer details, chit groups, ticket no and their paid amount, pending amount, arrear amount and next installment amount are checking.

If chit company integrate the payment gateway options customers are pay their due amount through mobile apps. It is automatically deduct the installment  dues and add the reports in day book. Customer pay the amount through mobile apps this amount are automatically add in company bank a/c.

Genericchit chit fund software mobile application are portable, easy report checking, user privilege's generations,  payment transfer, report checking, and world class technology driven. 



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