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Accurate Chit Fund Software GenericChit


 Genericchit chit fund software application is very simple, high -quality, centralized data, each and every clicks safe and secure access, cost effective and most important implementation made easy. Our software automated system will reduced  the manpower work. A perfect solution to empower you to manage your chit fund business The Right Way. Your business needs are our priority and your growing business needs a comprehensive chit ERP. Its wide variety of features makes chit funds a pleasant  and  joyful experience.

Genericchit is the most advanced  modern chit fund software in India. The system can be deployed on-premises and on the cloud to automate your chit fund operations and manage them efficiency. Manage all your chit fund operations  in a centralized system with our chit fund software. Genericchit chit fund software system will help you streamline your business , increase your profits &  strengthen your business backbone.

Genericchit chit fund software that manages your finances, automates business workflows and helps you work collectively across business. A highly secure software solution endorsed by GST government of India as an affordable and easy to use solution for both GST and non-GST companies.   

Genericchit software is more accurate and user friendly software. It is reduced your manual work , manpower work and human errors. It is simplify your chit fund business and collection process. Genericchit software fulfil customer requirements and satisfactions. 


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